Credits and Legal Informations

Ocell Catala SL

C. de l'Aigueta 22, Edifici Domus Despatx, AD500 ANDORRA LA VELLA, ANDORRE


1- Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?

The data controller is the company that defines for what use and how your personal data are used.
The personal data collected on the site are processed by :
The company Ocell Catala SL , publisher of the website Avispneus.com
C. de l'Aigueta 22, Edifici Domus Despatx, AD500 ANDORRA LA VELLA, ANDORRA

2- What are your personal data used for?

2.1 Orders and customer relationship
- processing of orders
- After-sales service management of these orders (deliveries, invoicing, loyalty program, follow-up of satisfaction surveys, management of complaints and after-sales service, etc.).
2.2 Payment
- Secure payments: your banking information is only collected by the secure payment service provider you have chosen.
2.3 Fight against Fraud
- Article 3.6 shall apply with regard to the fight against fraud.
2.4 Site Security
- Browsing data: to counter any attempt at nuisance, computer intrusion or violations of the conditions of use of the site
2.5 For statistical purposes
- Navigation data: in order to improve the ergonomics and functionalities of the site, we use data such as the number of pages viewed, the time spent on each page, the frequency of returns, etc...

3- What personal data is collected?

- Name, first name, address, email address,
- Password, phone number, IP address
- Connection and navigation data
- Order history, delivery incidents, complaints.
- For certain functions (for example, selection of an assembly center), location data.
The mandatory or optional nature of the data is indicated to you during collection by an asterisk or in bold, some data is collected automatically because of your actions on the site.

4- When is it collected?

- during the creation of the customer account
- while placing an order
- in contact with customer service
- testimonial sharing, satisfaction survey
- participation in a quiz

5- Communications - when do Ocell Catala SL contact you?

- Account creation
- Password reminder request
- Confirmation of order and payment
- Delivery tracking
- Loyalty program statement
- Newsletters: a maximum of 4 newsletters can be sent out per year. The opening rate of electronic mailings is tracked to adapt the campaigns.

6-Legal basis and duration of use of personal data

6.1 Legal basis
- The contract: the processing of personal data is necessary for the execution of the contract to which you have consented.
- The consent: you agree to the processing of your personal data by means of an express consent (check box, click ...). You can withdraw this consent at any time.
- Legitimate interest: Ocell Catala SL has a commercial interest in processing your data that is justified, balanced and does not infringe your privacy. Except in exceptional cases, you may at any time object to processing based on the legitimate interest by notifying us.
- The law: the processing of your personal data is made compulsory by law.

6.2 Retention periods
Most data - for example, customer account information and order history - is kept for as long as you are an "active" customer and for a period of 5 years after your last activity. Your data is then archived with restricted access for an additional period of time for limited reasons allowed by law (payment, warranty, disputes ...). After this period, they are deleted.

- Management of orders for products or services: 5 years from the last activity, archiving from 5 to 10 years.
- Account usage: 5 years from last activity, archiving from 5 to 10 years
- Sending messages by email: 3 years from the last activity, possibility to withdraw your consent at any time in your Avispneus.com account.
- Fraud prevention: 3 years from registration on an alert list: you can submit your comments at any time following the cancellation of your order or registration on an alert list.

7- Who are the recipients of your data?

Within the framework of the management, execution, processing and payment of your orders, Ocell Catala SL may transmit certain data collected to subcontractors (such as secure payment platforms for example). Please note that Ocell Catala SL does not share your personal data with any advertising targeting third party or marketplace.

8- Your choices on the use of your data

Regarding the use of your data as described above, or to withdraw your consent, you can express your decision:
- at the creation of your account via the proposed opposition boxes or links
- online by writing to [email protected] specifying your identity and the reason for your request

Contact [email protected] clearly identifying yourself for your rights regarding the use of personal data in the following cases:
- access, rectification,
- suppression, opposition,
- limitation and use "post mortem".

An identity check may be carried out on these requests.
The processing time is one month following receipt of the complete application (including supporting documents).
You also have the right to file a complaint with the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libert├ęs (CNIL), in particular on its website www.cnil.fr.

9- Your data outside the European Union

Your personal data may be transferred to companies located outside the European Union. Ocell Catala SL takes all measures to secure such transfers. These entities comply with very high levels of security.
They may be partner companies within the framework of IT services, exploitation of data in connection with social networks (to the USA).

10- Your data in connection with social networks and Avispneus.com

Our site uses social modules such as "like" or "share" icons from third party social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.... You can share a product with a social network or indicate your preference for a particular item. If you do not want social networks to publish these actions on your behalf, you must log out of your social networks before visiting our site.